About us

Our names is Inger Lise Jensen and Kim Nikkel Christensen. We have completed DKK dogs keep training and have received kennel name in July 2013
We live in Assens Mariager inlet between Hadsund and Mariager, we started with English Bulldog in 2011, we did not know just which dog we wanted, so we were out to a lot of shows before we fell for the English Bulldog wich we do not regret.
It is probably the funniest and most loving dog in existence. It is just like having a 2 year-old child, they follow an all around the house and can help with vacuuming and laundry, not that it makes it easier and faster, but a lot more fun.
It is a really good choice of dog for the family who will exhibit or just have a fun troll in the home.